Principal's message

Newton British School was first opened on the 14th September 2008 with 135 children, 20 staff and 10 classes. Now we have grown to just over 700 children, over 30 classes and more than 80 staff members.

The curriculum we follow, as with other Newton Schools, is the National Curriculum for England and Wales. We also have an Arabic department that has a very important role in promoting the Arabic culture through the teaching of the Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

At Newton British School we want to equip our children not only with academic skills, but skills to make them good citizens to have respect for the environment and the society in which they live. In essence skills to make them good citizens of the future so they can make responsible choices which have a positive impact on the people and environment in which they live.

Here at Newton British we have over 50 nationalities. We have a rich cultural diversity, where we learn in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance. We have a rich and varied curriculum that is designed to give equal opportunities to every child. To paraphrase a well-known slogan, ‘Every child does matter. ‘

Education does not stop once the school day has finished, indeed, it is a life long journey and as teachers we have a moral responsibility to give the children in our charge the opportunity to make informed choices by being inquisitive, reflective, imaginative, cooperative, truthful and honest. 

For any school to function properly, we need the cooperation and partnership of parents, and here at Newton British School we pride ourselves on our unique family atmosphere. Where parents are free to discuss issues at any time and where everybody’s opinion is valued and listened to in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We are very proud of our school and the successes we have achieved, however we are constantly evolving and it is through our partnerships with staff, children, parents and the wider community that we will continue to grow and flourish.


Kind Regards

James Houston